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The Flow Pur Company is located in a small rural community in northeastern Ohio and is owned and operated by family campers. We don’t get to go camping nearly enough, so when we purchase parts and accessories for our family’s use, we want a quality product at a reasonable price that will work and fit correctly the first time.  Therefore, we have chosen to sell replacement water filters for the recreational vehicle and marine industry that are manufactured by Flowmatic Systems, Inc.  We offer not only a complete line of replacement and original equipment water filters at a fair price, but also the best customer service in the industry.

If your RV came equipped with a filtration system, we have a replacement filter for you.  If you don’t have a filtration system in your RV and would like to enjoy the benefits of filtered water for your family and RV carry market in-line filtration kits, in-line hose filters, and in-line canister systems.

Enjoy the RV season with your family and remember to
replace your filters as recommended by the manufacturer.


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